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Molecule H is a premium grade additive, which can be used neat as an oral tincture, or added to any vape e liquid to infuse the product with CBD.

presented as 1000mg, in a 10ml bottle format, this versatile liquid product is perfectly suited as a small daily carry product, due to its pocket-friendly size. Molecule H provides the very highest quality CBD extract, which is machine bottled in the UK in a ISO9001 grade laboratory. 

You can add Molecule H to a glass of water for easy ingestion. For a pint of water, gently squeeze 10 drips and mix with a small spoon. This method can be utilised three times per day. For adding to a vape e liquid, for every 10ml of e liquid, add 1 drop of Molecule H 1000mg additive and shake well before use.

To use this product as an oral tincture, simply lift the tongue to the roof of your mouth and hold it in position. Gently squeeze the stated quantity of drops under your tongue. Lower the tongue and hold the additive in place for 2 minutes. Repeat three times each day.

Molecule H is created using premium extracted isolate CBD, cultivated and farmed in the USA by registered hemp manufacturing facilities. This product is shipped in a premium quality foil resealable pouch, which allows you to store your Molecule H bottle safely and away from dirt and dust.

Notes for usage:

  • Molecule H has a mild organic taste. Mix with water for a refreshing natural drink
  • Follow dosage guidance stated on the label and adjust according to your personal body mass - For example, if you are taller and have a higher BMI, you may find a benefit from increasing the stated dosage by 20% per serving. The stated dosage is only to be seen as a basic guide
  • The cap and nib system is specially designed to provide a tamper evident seal, which will snap and break during the first opening. This is for added assurance and quality control. The included dispensing nib allows you to gently dispense single drops, making it simple and fast to use this tincture on the move
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