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The Different Types of CBD - Learn What Each Variant Means

The different types of CBD extraction

Two main variants of extracted CBD compound exist. Both variants yield CBD in their final product status. Although some variables exist, such as quality of source and extraction methods, there remains a division of preference across regular users of both products. Some prefer Whole Plant Extraction, whilst other always favour Isolates.

You should check which method has been employed to create the product you are using, as this can help you make a more informed decision based on the benefits of each variant.

The chosen plants are cultivated and then sent for extraction in bulk. This allows manufacturers to obtain large batches of consistently processed raw CBD compound product, therefore keeping quality and consistency high for a wide range of intended products. Full Spectrum is best described as a cake mix with all the plant matter, oils and chlorophyll, whilst Isolate is the cake mix with just the CBD part of the equation that remains present.

Whole Plant Extraction (Often referred to as Full Spectrum)

Whole plant extraction is self-explanatory. The entire plant is part of the process.

Those in the medical communities prefer this method. They believe that a broader spectrum of cannabinoids yields during whole plant extraction.

According to medical specialists, capturing the entire cannabinoid spectrum stimulates the human bodies endocannabinoid system. They call this the “Entourage Effect.”

Isolates Extraction

CBD isolates are pure CBD. The purity of these compounds depends on the quality of the hemp strain it was extracted from. Many commercial extraction companies only cultivate one breed of hemp origin strain, knowing it is of the purest and highest quality they can grow. This provides them with a purer final extracted CBD product, devoid of all other plant matter, oils and chlorophylls

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