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BORN CBD - Isoplex Cream - Topical Skin Ointment

BORN CBD - Isoplex Cream - Topical Skin Ointment

Born CBD present a premium CBD infused topical cream, for direct application to external skin. This luxurious cream ointment is specially designed to be rubbed directly into an area that has undergone strain from manual injury or may be exhibiting aches and pains associated with healing. Isoplex Cream is ideally suited for those who want to further supplement their oral tincture or gel capsule daily regime, with a location targeted dose of CBD infused product.

Packaged in a convenient screw-top pot, Isoplex Cream can be easily stored in a sports bag, glove box or even golf caddy, meaning you have fast and hassle-free access to this smooth and easily-absorbed topical treatment.

Usage Guidance:

  • Apply a small amount, approximately 3cm in diameter, to the chosen limb or body part
  • Gently rub Isoplex Cream into the skin until all residue has been absorbed fully
  • Repeat application up to 6 times in 24 hours
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