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BORN CBD - Activ Gel Capsules - Dietary Supplement - 50MG

BORN CBD - Activ Gel Capsules - Dietary Supplement - 50MG

BORN CBD present a wonderful solution to complimentary ingestion of CBD through the use of a hassle-free single gel capsule.

The Activ Gel Capsule supplement is designed to be taken daily, providing a measured dose of CBD with no time-consuming topical or vape related usage constraints. This flip-top tub is specially designed to be easily added to your work drawer, gym bag or car door pocket, so you can easily enjoy a single dose of organic CBD as part of your post workout or sports regime.

Born Activ Gel capsules resemble a familiar gel encased liquid diet supplement, not dissimilar to Omega oil or vitamins, which makes this product perfectly suited for use by a wide spectrum of healthy lifestyle advocates. Small enough to easily swallow with a few sips of water each morning as part of your natural remedy schedule.

Born Activ is designed to also be used directly after sporting or outdoor activities, helping you stay ahead of recovery periods with a natural CBD infused solution.


  • Born Activ Gel Capsules are supplied in a high-tensile plastic tub, meaning they can be stored safely and securely in any bathroom cabinet or supplement cupboard
  • Dosage and usage guidance is clearly marked on each tub, meaning you can rest assured you are staying close to our recommendations every day
  • Sleek and modern branding give every Born product a professional and mature look, meaning you can easily integrate these valuable products into your gym or sports regime without the fear of looking out of place
  • 50MG per capsule
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