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Binary CBD - Our Philosophy

Binary CBD operates with a level of efficacy that will always provide transparent and informative background information, allowing you to be certain you are enjoying our CBD products in a safe and responsible way. Here are the most prominent reasons why

Binary products can be considered the most premium CBD infused items available today.

  • 100% Naturally organic hemp used in all CBD extracted products
  • Sustainably sourced core product ingredients that carry multi-regional trade approval
  • Premium grade CBD used in all products that undergoes rigorous domestic field testing and quality control from industry experts
  • Farmed, extracted and refined in an equal opportunities processing environment, which supports growth and stability in all origin ecosystems
  • No outlandish or unethical health claims. Just raw and untainted real-world information
  • Anecdotal case studies and testimonials based on real-world independent studies and end user experiences
  • Clear and concise access to a specially created Binary Knowledgebase, which gives solid non-jargon based information. You can learn at your own pace

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